(Pocket-lint) - LG took to the stage at CES 2016 to introduce its new line of ultra premium products known as LG Signature.

LG Signature will span various technology categories, including domestic appliances and televisions. The aim is to put a better experience in the hands of those who want a little more.

Marketing spiel aside, LG Signature starts with an OLED television, refrigerator, washing machine and air purifier.

The LG Signature OLED G6 TV is an Ultra HD set, designed to be a slim as it can be, with the OLED panel attached to a glass sheet, only 2.57mm thick. It comes with either a 77 or 65 inch OLED panel on the front and is a new flagship for the Korean company, alongside the E6 OLED.

The LG Signature OLED TV sits on a speaker base that acts as a stand, boosting the sound. This base also contains all the circuitry for the TV and can be folded back behind the TV so it can still be wall mounted. 

As for the panel itself, it's fully HDR equipped with Dolby Vision, so you can expect excellent Ultra HD content that pops. It will support HDR content from a variety of sources, including YouTube HDR's using the VP9-Profile 2 codec.

Hanno Basse, CEO of the UHD Alliance, joined LG on the stage to announce that the LG Signature OLED TV, and the rest of LG's 2016 4K OLED TVs, will carry the new Ultra HD Premium badge, the first of many TVs we're expecting at CES 2016 to do so.

For those who have been following the LG OLED story, you'll be happy to see that flat OLED displays have a higher billing than previously, where the message was all about the curves, although there are new curved OLED TVs in the 2016 line-up from LG.

The LG Signature G6 effectively becomes LG's new flagship OLED television, designed to sit alongside its Signature sibling home appliances. If you're interested in those, the coolest feature of the new fridge is a panel that goes clear when you knock on it, so you can peek inside.

We're still awaiting for final details, pricing and international availability of the Signature TV, that begins global roll-out from March 2016.

Writing by Chris Hall.