(Pocket-lint) - IFA 2015 has been a hotbed of the latest tech launches, with plenty of big reveals, from Ultra HD Blu-ray, to a 4K smartphone, to a TV that projects images up your walls. But nothing can touch these LG Bean Birds for cuteness.

The LG Bean Bird's aim in life is to guide you through the set-up of your TV, jumping about the place to make sure you're entertained. Introduced on LG's webOS televisions in 2014, we spotted these Birds in LG's webOS 2.0 showcase.

There's the good ol' regular BeanBird, joined by Afro, Beehive, Combover and Dreadlocks (thanks David Cagle for the update).

Bean Bird's appearance in the set-up of a webOS TV is a little too brief, but as this display says, things are very simple and a long way from the tedious set-up that has been commonplace in TVs in the past. With TVs becoming more fully-featured entertainment hubs, simplicity is key. 

WebOS 2.0 introduced a range of new features to the user interface, looking to help you manage content easier and supporting a wider range of services, as well as boosting performance, speeding up the launch time for various apps. 

LG used IFA 2015 to confirm the news that Amazon Video on LG's TVs will support HDR, as the streaming service will be one of the first to offer the next step in advancing your movie watching. There will be support for HDR in LG's 2015 OLED displays, with the company introducing its first 4K OLED display with a flat screen - the EF9500.

Of course, when the EF9500 arrives, you'll be able to get Bean Bird to walk you through the set-up, helping to make TV simple again.

Writing by Chris Hall.