(Pocket-lint) - LG has unveiled its line up of 4K Ultra HD TVs to be shown at the CES 2015 consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas next week and there seems to be something for everyone.

Next year is likely to see 4K sets becoming more prevalent and, most importantly, more attractively priced and LG looks to have covered all bases with its range for 2015.

As well as the previously announced TVs featuring quantum dot technology for a wider colour gamut, there will also be 4K Ultra HD TVs featuring the company's "wide color LED" technology, which uses different phosphor-based LEDs to display greater colour depth.

All TVs will have 3840 x 2160 pixel resolutions and feature IPS LCD panels with LG's new "natural color" tech, which is said to minimise colour reproduction errors. The LED lighting will feature local dimming technology to create deeper black levels.

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Five of the range will come with the multi-channel ultra surround system co-developed with Harman/Kardon. They feature forward-firing speakers that promise deeper, more rich audio. And the high-end UF9500 series TV will also come with an integrated auditorium stand designed to reflect and centralise the sound.

The second generation of LG's smart TV platform, webOS 2.0, will be present on all the TVs. While all content below native 4K will be upscaled using dedicated algorithms. HEVC support is on board too, ensuring that the range will be compatible with all standards going forward.

Pocket-lint will catch up with the TVs at CES when we attend next week.

Writing by Rik Henderson.