(Pocket-lint) - As well as its new quantum dot TV range, the LG stand at next week's CES consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas will play host to a new line-up of superthin TV displays the company is calling "Art Slim".

The Art Slim series will first include 55- and 65-inch LCD panels with thicknesses of just 7.5mm and 8.2mm respectively, putting them in competition with OLED displays for supermodel-sized waist sizes. They are both also extremely light, at 10.4kg and 16.2kg respectively, and can therefore be hung by almost invisible wires.

The innovation comes from LG Display - the company's panel research, development and manufacturing arm - and is a result of a new process than converts the back cover of the LCD module into the rear cover of the actual TV. It uses new aluminium composite materials for the back cover that helps increase rigidity yet can also be customised with different colours or patterns.

The displays themselves are proof of concept at present and are available to TV manufacturers to include in future sets, including several in China, and will be expanded to include 49-inch screen sizes in 2015.

We suspect LG itself could also capitalise on the new panel technology in televisions to be announced later in the year.

Writing by Rik Henderson.