(Pocket-lint) - It has been expected for a while, with LG suggesting a couple of times over the last two months that it was considering shutting down its plasma TV production, but the company has now confirmed its attentions. And with them, so ends the plasma generation of television.

LG will stop producing plasma display panels from 30 November.

LG's withdrawal from PDP manufacture means that no major supplier is making plasma TVs any more, even though LG told Pocket-lint recently that there is still a market for the technology, particularly in South America. However, it was finding it increasingly difficult to find third-party components needed to build the plasma sets.

It will be focusing its attention on LED and the rise of premium OLED TVs instead.

LG first started manufacturing plasma TVs in 1999, four years after Fujitsu made the first commercially available television using the technology. It is the last major manufacturer to withdraw from the market, following earlier moves by Panasonic and Pioneer.

Chinese firm Changhong Electric Co will now be the only plasma panel maker left in existence, but it is unclear how many of its displays will end up in televisions outside of China - if any. Analysts believe that there will be no PDP TVs at all by 2017.

Writing by Rik Henderson.