(Pocket-lint) - LG is expected to suspend manufacturing plasma TVs soon, effectively striking the last nail in the coffin for the display technology.

The company is now taking pre-orders on large-screen curved OLED televisions with 4K Ultra-HD resolutions and has decided that will become the display technology rival to LCD. It also believes its competitors in the TV market will take note and follow suit with their our high-end OLED sets.

And that means plasma technology will no longer be needed.

Speaking during a media event in Korea to launch the 65-inch OLED TV in the country, Ha Hyun-hwoi, president of LG Electronics' home entertainment revealed that it was more when the company might halt PDP production, not if. "We are studying on when we should suspend the PDP business," he said.

According to Korea Times, he also said that we should expect an official announcement on the issues in the future.

Samsung is also shutting down its plasma production  from November and Panasonic, a major leader in the sector for many years, announced its intention to pull out late last year, with factories being closed early 2014.

That reportedly leaves Chinese firm Changhong Electric Co as the sole plasma display manufacturer left, so while you might see some panels from there reach TVs in the UK and US, they will unlikely be from any of the major brands.

Writing by Rik Henderson.