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(Pocket-lint) - LG has revealed the price of its 65-inch curved 4K OLED TV which it plans to begin selling from the end of September this year.

The pricing was eeked out of the company by HD Guru which reports the 65EC9700 was shown on a price matrix at $8,999 which is around £5,330. But this, it's claimed, will translate to a street price of around $6,999 which is about £4,146.

While shelling out over £4,000 for a TV sounds like a lot, this is really good value. For that you're not only getting the latest curved display, and a whopping 65-inch display at that, but an OLED with 4K UHD too. This is probably the most future-proofed TV money can buy.

Why is OLED so good? After seeing at CES we've never seen anything to match it – OLED is light years ahead of current LED TVs. It offers true blacks, ridiculously real colours and incomparably super-fast refresh rates. That's why, until now, OLED screens have been utterly stupid money. Now LG has managed to create one with 4K and a curved glass we'd have expected a price of well over £10,000.

The LG also comes with Smart TV, Tru-Ultra HD Engine for upscaling, and passive 3D.

Samsung, by comparison, is selling a made-to-order 105-inch 4K LED TV for $120,000. To get an OLED version, that's curved too, granted a little smaller but for that price is amazing. We're certainly going to start thinking about smashing open the piggy bank for this one.

Of course this is just the start. If LG is now able to produce curved OLED 4K screens at a, kind of, affordable price we can expect more to follow – especially from Samsung.

So you could early adopt now without worry about future proofing as you're all set with this. Or you could hold off and hope prices drop. Though, realistically even if competition grows we can't imagine the manufacturers being able to produce this level of complexity and quality for much less any time soon.

Writing by Luke Edwards.