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(Pocket-lint) - Shortly after announcing it has developed 18-inch rollable OLEDs and 18-inch transparent OLEDs, LG has now released two videos that show these new displays in action.

Although LG has released images of both the rollable and transparent OLEDs, you can now clearly see - via the first video, below - that LG's rollable OLED, which offers a 1200 x 810 resolution and will soon release in a larger form, really is rollable into a radius of 3 cm. Flexible television screens aren't new but ones that can be fully rolled while still working are impressive. Such displays could fit any shape, sitting in the corner of a room or the edge of a unit.

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You can also see LG's transparent OLED - via a second video, below. The transparent OLED shown off by LG could be a great way to turn glass and plastic into displays when turned on but that remain see-through when off. While most transparent displays suffer from 10 per cent transmittance, LG has managed to get that down to 2 per cent. That means the unique display can still offer quite a crisp picture.

LG plans to develop 50-inch UHD flexible and transparent displays "soon", though some reports have said you shouldn't expect them until 2017.

Writing by Elyse Betters.