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(Pocket-lint) - LG is set to release a host of its webOS powered TVs later this month. The operating system represents, potentially, the easiest smart TV interface yet. Especially considering how simple it will make Sky TV viewing and controls.

LG has told Pocket-lint that Sky's EPG is compatible with the LG webOS TVs from launch. That means that users can view Sky TV content from within the TV's WebOS menu and be able to control what they view using the LG remote.

One of the useful features in webOS is the ability to jump between inputs quickly and simply. A menu called Today pulls in a selection of viewing options from across apps like Netflix and Sky Now TV, online platforms like YouTube and live TV. So a movie, for example, will be displayed and users can then chose how to watch it, from Netflix or Sky depending on what a user subscribes to.

The TV should simply use Sky's online EPG data to show the TV guide on screen integrated into webOS. Then when a user selects a program the TV knows which IR signal that corresponds to and sends that to the Sky box. So from the user's perspective it's a seamless control interface that uses LG's Magic Remote gesture and voice controls.

We've contacted Sky for further comment and will update this article when we get a response.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.