LG Electronics is at the 2014 CES tradeshow in Las Vegas, where the company has unveiled its newest Smart TV platform.

Called webOS, the platform doubles as an operating system. It's essentially a user interface for LG Smart TVs, and it enables developers toeasily create apps that will enhance the compatibility of LG’s Smart TVs with other devices.

LG's webOS also features an animated character named BeanBird. It appears on screen to walk you through the connection and set-up process. To receive further advice on webOS from BeanBird, just shake the Magic Remote or press the OK button.

LG's new Smart TV interface can also auto-recognise when and what kind of external device has been plugged in, serve up a relevant pop-up menu listing of options, and provide access to a scrollable Launcher that runs along the lower portion of the screen.

The Launcher will toggle between broadcast TV, smart TV content and media stored on external devices, according to LG. It also allows you to simultaneously watch a show, play a game or browse the internet while searching or downloading other content.

There are also two types of webOS menus that simplify discovery on LG Smart TVs. The first, called Live Menu, is accessible while viewing TV. It keeps the search, recommendation and channel options within easy reach. The second, Today Menu, acts as a one-stop content recommendation service for TV shows, missed programmes and full-feature movies.

Lastly, going back to developers, webOS naturally offers access to the LG Store’s collection of apps. You can browse the most-viewed and most-downloaded items available from across the Smart TV platform, including broadcast TV programmes, 3D content, games and movies.

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LG confirmed last week that the user interface for its WebOS-line of televisions would debut at CES 2014. The company posted a quick teaser on its South Korean blog evening, explaining how webOS, which it bought from HP in March 2013, would launch optimised for more than 70 per cent of its televisions by the end of 2014.

“We are extremely excited to be able to introduce webOS optimized for LG Smart TV here at CES 2014” said In-kyu Lee, senior vice-president and head of the TV division at the LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “The beauty of webOS is that it provides so much freedom, and is so simple to use."