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(Pocket-lint) - We've seen more news from LG in the last week than anyone, but this leaked photo of its 2014 TV, with a sleek new webOS, still excites us the most.

If this is accurate it could mean an entirely new operating system for LG Smart TVs that, in a TV first. A TV platform hasn't really nailed the blend between OS and hardware yet but at a glance LG might have done it here. LG was rumoured to be resurrecting webOS for TV and it looks like those murmurings may be true.

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As you can see the TV itself is virtually bezel-free with a wider, more angular stand than last year's model. It also appears to feature a camera, at the bottom, for motion sense controls and video-chat.

Along the bottom the user interface offers Cards. The open app appears largest - in this case Live TV - and other apps slide up next to it. The likes of YouTube, Facebook, Skype and Twitter are all available along with direct Internet access and SmartShare for slinging movies and music.

Rumours suggest the TV won't scrimp on speed either, packing in a 2.2GHz dual-core processor and a hefty 1.5GB of RAM. The webOS Enyo framework should offer plenty of apps from the outset. Whether all current LG apps will also work on this new OS is unclear but all should be revealed at CES next week.

Writing by Luke Edwards.