LG Electronics has announced it will incorporate AllJoyn into its 2014 line of Smart TVs, a big step in creating a connected home entertainment ecosystem.

AllJoyn, developed by Qualcomm, is an open source protocol that lets customers control a TV and share content with their mobile phone no matter which manufacturer is behind the TV set or which mobile OS the phone is running. Android, iOS, or Windows Phone - Qualcomm wants you to control any TV like a traditional remote or even game controller.

"LG will now enable consumers to more effortlessly connect their networked devices in the home and continues to show a strong commitment to the next generation of convergence technology," Richard Choi, senior vice-president of the smart business centre at LG Electronics, said.

AllJoyn takes away a TV manufacturer's reliance on their own in-house operating system running their TVs, and instead opens up cross-platform compatibility," he said. "AllJoyn isn't an entire OS by itself; it will integrate on-top of the current software running on LG's line of Smart TVs.

Smart TVs released in 2013 and 2012 by LG will be updated soon, the company said.

A timeline or product demo for AllJoyn integration wasn't detailed.