You may have read that Panasonic is pulling out of making and selling plasma screens. Sad news as Pana makes some of the best plasmas money can buy. But all hope is not lost for plasma lovers as LG keeps the flag flying.

Plasma screens are loved by because they are cheaper to buy than many LED alternatives. But also because plasma offers truer blacks and faster refresh rates making them great for sports and movies.

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LG has confirmed that it will continue to make plasma TVs while keeping an eye on the OLED future, saying: "LG believes that LED and OLED represent the future of home entertainment and provide a spectacular viewing experience."

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On the other hand, Panasonic will stop production of new units in December with all operations to end by March 2014. So you've still got time to snap up one of the best HD TVs money can buy, the Panasonic TX-P60ZT65B.