LG has just announced that its curved OLED TV is available to buy now at a price of £8,000. The 55-inch OLED screen, which we've seen at a few trade shows, takes image quality to another level.

The curved OLED is shaped that way so as to offer the best viewing angle for everyone in the room. When we first saw it we thought it might just be a fad, but having watched it a few times we now realise that curve really enhances the viewing experience. But at £,8000 this screen is for early adopters with plenty of spare cash, right now.

The display offers super-fast refresh rates that LED TVs can only dream about. The OLED also means colours and contrast are staggering. The screen might be expensive but with four-colour pixel technology you certainly get what you pay for. And at 4.5mm thin and virtually bezel free, this TV is money well spent.

Pick up the LG Curved OLED 55EA980W for £8,000 in the UK. Pocket-lint got up close to it and, frankly, if we had a spare £8,000 it would be an easy decision. The TV is on sale in Currys and PC World today.