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(Pocket-lint) - LG unveiled the world's largest UHD OLED TV with a curved display at IFA 2013 in Berlin, surprising a few - including a couple of its own managers who saw it for the first time at the show.

The huge 77-inch model was displayed alongside an actual model (think catwalk) on LG's stand, behind the VIP red rope with a security guard watching over it. Or the model, we weren't sure which.

Although only a prototype, it joins the existing 55-inch LG 55EA9800 curved OLED TV that has recently hit the shops but adds an extra 22-inches along with 4K Ultra High Definition.

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We couldn't get close enough to touch the 77-incher without getting kicked off the stand, but we got near enough to witness the colour and sharpness brilliance it displayed to the audience of people surrounding it. It was so clear you could see the hair fuzz on the face of the woman with the freaky feather eyelashes.


LG is calling it the 4K Ultra HD OLED TV, and according to one of the LG product team we spoke to, it is designed to show what is possible, and we shouldn't expect it to come to market before next year. We're expecting to see more of it at CES 2014, such is the nature of these things.

The curve of the display is 5 degrees, which would apparently give you a 10-metre circle if you joined a few of them up. That's one circle we would gladly sit in the middle of. Some people are questioning whether curved TVs are really worth all the fuss. Having seen a few - from LG, Sony and Samsung - we'd say they're definitely worth setting your eyes on.

The idea is to make all areas of the display the same distance from your eyes when you're sitting in front of it. It's supposed to be more immersive, more engaging, and - packed with a 4K OLED panel - more sensational. We'd tick all those boxes, as this LG set is rather spectacular.

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Unfortunately that's pretty much all they could tell us about the TV, with no definitive price, launch time or any real numbers, but we took a few pictures to try to reflect the impressive quality of the screen.

We will keep you posted when we hear anything more, but for now, enjoy the bright colours, sharp display and huge size and curve.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.
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