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(Pocket-lint) - LG is to unveil its latest 55-inch OLED TV at IFA in Berlin later this week and it's a bit different from other sets featuring the technology. While the display is nigh-on edge to edge without a bezel, the Gallery OLED TV (55EA8800) is mounted in a painting-style frame.

This has been done not only for aesthetic design reasons, but the frame also serves a practical purpose. It hides the Canvas Speaker, a 2.2 speaker system. The frame also allows the Gallery OLED TV to be the first OLED television to be wall-mounted.

To reinforce the painting aspect, the TV will also have a gallery mode which will come pre-loaded with high-resolution images of works from classic artists such as Gauguin and van Gogh. You will also be able to put your own pictures and photos on the television to be displayed in this mode.


In terms of technology, as with LG's previous consumer OLED TVs, the Gallery OLED TV uses a WRGB panel, which includes an extra white pixel in each cluster to enhance image performance and produce more vibrant colours.

The Gallery OLED TV will be available in Germany first when it goes on sale later this month. It will then be released in other markets around the globe.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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