Sky has teamed up with LG to release its Now TV service exclusively with the television maker.

We say exclusively, but that term is only for smart TV platforms built into the television or Blu-ray players and doesn't affect how you get Now TV on other devices already available.

It means LG has got one over on Samsung, Sony, and Philips but still has to compete with YouView, Roku and the Xbox 360, alongside mobile phones and tablets.

The service, available from August 2013, will be available to all current 2012 and 2013 LG TV owners and all 2013 LG Blu-ray player and home cinema owners. It will be standard on new models rolling out in the future.

The service includes a customised NOW TV card that will sit on the Smart User Interface and curate content according to major upcoming releases and events. 

Customers will still have to pay a monthly subscription for movies (30-days free, then £8.99 for the first three months) and a daily subscription to access Sky Sports (£9.99).

The deal will give LG a 12-month lead time over its TV rivals, something LG will hopes will help persuade consumers to pick its latest sets over others'.