LG has announced a rather unusual ultra wide screen 29-inch 21:9 all-in-one PC and TV combo. The entertainment catch-all device uses a 2,560 x 1080 resolution IPS display with 178-degree viewing angles.

Built into the all-in-one is a separate TV tuner that can be switched on instantly, just like a television, and doesn't require you to start up the computer element of the display. On the computer front, you have an Intel Core i5 processor, although we don't know if it's Haswell 4th generation or a third-generation chip.

Then there is a GeForce GT640M GPU running graphics and a HDMI input so you can use the display as a monitor. That 21:9 screen can be split so you can use different parts of the display for different functions. It's possible to send messages while watching TV or even use the screen in a 5:9 mode with a smartphone connected. 

There is no confirmation that the unusual all-in-one will be launching in the UK or Europe, but pricing and availability has been announced for Korea. Prices start at around 1.49 million won or roughly £1,000.