LG Cloud is rolling out in the UK and the rest of Europe by the end of next month. The service acts a bit like Dropbox, letting you store video content in one place and view it on PCs, TVs and smartphones. 

LG Cloud has been out in the United States, Russia and South Korea for a while now, but has been a glaring omission in the company's European Smart TVs. It means those who pickup an LG television in the UK won't need to download or transfer any video content between their LG devices.

It isn't only video that the LG Cloud app can store: it can also handle music and audio, provided you upload them to your account. The app is downloadable via Google Play or on LG's Smart TV app store, called Smart World. It works with Android smartphones, PCs and LG's own Cinema 3D Smart TVs. You get 5GB of space free to store content. LG is also planning to connect its smart home appliances to the Cloud, although exactly when is yet to be announced. 

It has been a while coming, but the launch of LG Cloud adds quite a lot extra to the company's Smart TVs. Being able to stream video from one device to another, or store it all in one place, is particularly handy. The LG Cloud will also be arriving in Asia and Latin America at the end of June.