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(Pocket-lint) - LG has redesigned and relaunched its Magic remote for its CINEMA 3D smart TV line of televisions (for the third time), bringing with it a new design and new control features.

The remote - which continues to employ four control options: voice, gesture, point and wheel - should leave you with no excuse when it comes to controlling your TV and changing the channel.

New this time around is in-built "Natural Language Recognition" software that promises to make giving voice commands easy and, according to LG, users can simply say, “Show me Gangnam Style video” and the new Magic Remote will not only understand but also spring into action, presumably loading the video from YouTube (the company hasn't actually explained how this bit will work).

"With the point feature, the LG Magic Remote becomes an extension of the human body, making it an ideal motion-based video game controller," says the company, perhaps believing that your ultimate goal in front of the TV is to be one with your remote.

"The wheel control is perfect for scrolling up and down web pages or zooming in and out when using applications such as Google Maps. And by making specific gestures with the remote, users can quickly access oft-used menus or perform frequently needed functions, saving valuable time."

LG hopes that couch potatoes will be happy to swirl the remote in front of them like a wand to change channel.

And if you are worried that it's only useful for the TV, don't be: the remote can also double as a universal remote for the rest of your home cinema gear.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.