It would appear LG has all but given up on Google’s sluggish venture into Smart TVs, instead turning its attention to a new Open webOS platform.

According to webOS Nation, LG has been working with Gram (formerly Palm) as it looks to re-establish its credentials in the Smart TV market.

In January of this year, LG, Samsung and Sony all announced they would be introducing their own Google TVs, which would run on an Android-based OS. While LG was true to its word, it never looked as though it had the complete backing of Google. 

It would now appear LG feels its expertise will be of benefit elsewhere, with one source informing WebOS Nation that the Korean manufacturer is no longer “comfortable with Google’s terms for using Google TV”.

Leaving Google for Gram, a company who’s former guise ultimately failed, would prove a brave move by LG, particularly if Apple, as is expected, eventually launches its own iTV

However, familiar apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Pandora are said already to be being reworked, so as to be compatible for an Enyo framework which the webOS would use.

LG and Gram’s first webOS TV is reported to be being prepped for CES 2013.