Hotel rooms throughout the world could soon be fitted with LG’s Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TVs, providing guests with access to apps, a customisable user interface and the ability to stream content from compatible devices. 

The LG LT760H series, and later the LT770H, will enable hotels to personalise the user interface, adding branding and any specific services they wish to promote. Each television will also be pre-loaded with various apps, most notably providing access to social networks. 

However, if the thought of logging on to your Facebook or Twitter account in a hotel makes you feel a tad uneasy, LG’s History Auto-Delete feature will automatically wipe the app of any private information such as usernames and passwords once you have checked out.

lg bringing smart tvs to uk hotels image 2

Talking of which, guests will no longer need to head to the front desk when leaving, instead checking out remotely via the TV, while room service can also be selected with a few clicks on the TV's remote.

Both LG’s LT760H and LT770H series are fitted with USB ports and built-in Wi-Fi, enabling guests to display or stream any content they have on a compatible device such as a laptop or tablet, to the television screen. 

The LT760H is being introduced to hotels in the UK and Germany this week, before being rolled out further afield to the likes of Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The new LG770H series will initially arrive in the US before the end of this year.