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(Pocket-lint) - It's battle of the 4K tellies at this year's IFA 2012 trade show, as LG announced its 84-inch, 4K televisual marvel will go on sale in the UK this October.

But brace yourselves - it'll come with a price tag that's about as big as the TV itself: a mere £15,000.

LG was showing off a variety of hyper-coloured animated graphics that were moving in smooth motion to make the most of the 2160 x 3840 pixel resolution. To most that's better known as "4K", or 2160p, although LG has opted for the "UD" or "Ultra Definition" label instead. We're sure there'll be a more common name as more manufacturers dip into the world of 4K - indeed Sony has already used IFA 2012 as the platform for its 84-inch 4K telly launch.

Pocket-lintlg 84 inch 4k tv pictures and eyes on image 4

This is one serious piece of kit, so don't expect cutting-edge thinness from this ultra-sized set. But that's not to say it looks brutish either: It comes equipped with a shiny, silver-coloured stand that has subtle curved edges.

As previously reported, the 84-inch TV will be capable of 2D and 3D display, while sound is dealt with via two 10W speakers and two 15W woofers as part of LG’s 2.2 Speaker System.

There's also an LG Magic Remote with voice recognition and gesture control, similar to that found in the LG 55LM960V LED-backlit TV.

It's certainly pricey, but it's not the impossible expense of some of the giant TVs that have been launched at IFA over the years. It would appear that, given a fair bit of time, 4K will trickle down into the consumer market. We just wonder how many more years it'll be before such tech is readily affordable.

Writing by Mike Lowe.