As lorries are unloaded and boxes unpacked in preparation for this year’s IFA event, the folks at Engadget have managed to get a snapshot of the LG EA93 LCD TV, a television that sports a wide 21:9 aspect ratio display. 

The screen is 29-inches diagonally across but, according to Engadget, that doesn’t do its widescreen credentials justice: “You need to see this LCD in person to get a feel for just how wide it really is,”  the web magazine says.

Engadget has managed to grab some specs for the TV too, citing two HDMI ports, a DVI Dual Link and DisplayPort, as well as seven-watt stereo speakers and USB 3.0 connectivity. 

The display itself is a 2,560 x 1,080 pixel panel, while the screen can be split into four segments or used to view multiple windows simultaneously if used as monitor for a desktop computer, for example. Engadget reports that the LG EA93 LCD TV will go on sale from November.

Pocket-lint will be in attendance at IFA for the duration of the show, which starts on 29 August, so we’ll be sure to bring you further details when we’ve seen the LG EA93 with our own eyes.