Owners of LG’s Cinema 3D Smart TV will soon have access to even more three-dimensional content.

LG’s 3D World service will offer more programmes in entertainment, sports, documentaries, lifestyle and children’s shows.

While LG customers who purchased a Cinema 3D Smart TV in 2011 will be able to use LG 3D World via an app, 2012 models will access content via a card on the TV’s Home Dashboard.

As all the content will be watched via LG’s Cinema 3D Smart TVs, viewers will need to wear LG’s accompanying 3D eyewear.

The service will be available to LG Cinema 3D Smart TV customers in nearly 70 countries.

While 3D appears to divide people’s opinion, LG clearly sees it as being the future, and it's in good company.

Pocket-lint recently met up with legendary film director Ridley Scott to discuss his new film Prometheus, during which he also spoke of his love for 3D filming.

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