It took our breath away at CES, which is why we’re crossing our fingers (and toes) that rumours of the launch of LG’s 55EM9600 OLED television being brought forward prove to be true.

LG is said to be keen to begin rolling out the 55-inch TV as early as May, before any of its rivals bring out similarly specced products, and will use the Cannes film festival as its launch pad.

Measuring only 4mm thick, its size zero credentials mean it weighs in at just 7.5kg. As Pocket-lint's hands-on pictures show, the quality of image you can expect from the LG 55EM9600 OLED TV is simply breathtaking.

However, with an expected retail price of around £4,950, it won’t come in cheap. LG will monitor sales closely before deciding if LED technology in television is something it wants to pursue.

We certainly hope it is.

Would you fork out the cash on LG’s 55-inch OLED TV? Let us know what you think.

LG 55EM9600 OLED TV pictures and hands-on