The world can look forward to super high definition movies at home in 2013 if the expectations of LG and its vice president of Public Affairs and Communications at LG Electronics USA are to be met.

At the LG press conference, on the unveiling of the 84-inch 3D Ultra Definition TV, Pocket-lint quizzed John Taylor as to why the company was set to release a 4K2K set in the US, a place which currently benefits from no such resolution broadcasts at the present time.

"Well, firstly, our 3D UD TV can upgrade 1080p signals to a 4K2K output but we're also expecting the arrival of 4K Blu-rays in 2013," he exclusively revealed.

Should this indeed happen as promised, we can look forward to the same technology coming to the UK at the same time with a raft of Ultra Definition TV sets ready to meet it.

UPDATE: It's official. Not only has LG hinted at 4K2K Blu-rays, but Sony has announced a 4K2K Blu-ray player at its CES press conference in Las Vegas. Guess we'll all have to upgrade our TVs again after all.