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(Pocket-lint) - While there were TVs a-plenty and a few fridge freezers thrown in too, it was the 55-inch OLED TV that was the star of the LG press conference at CES 2012.

The officially titled LG 55EM9600 OLED TV was swarming with international press the minute the curtain over its super bright Full HD panel was pulled off and for very good reason indeed. As one would expect of this panel technology, the pictures are simply stunning. Crisp, sharp, incredibly colour rich and with the inkiest of inky blacks, it's mesmerizing to gaze upon.

Pocket-lintlg 55em9600 oled tv pictures and hands on image 12

Naturally, we have to take what's been shown with a certain pinchette of salt with the classic case of demo videos of flowers and trees always designed to be as kind to the panel as could possibly be but, all the same, you'd be hard pushed not to dream about this if you ever laid eyes on it.

The faster images showed no blur nor judder that you might expect from LCD/LED technology and the associated slower frame rates and responses but even the physical dimensions of the thing make you draw as much breath as the picture quality does. At just 4mm in thickness, it's almost hard to resolve in profile unless you're looking for it.

Pocket-lintlg 55em9600 oled tv pictures and hands on image 8

There's currently only plans for a 55-inch model which should be arriving in the US in the last quarter of 2012. According to LG, the price has not been set but the thinking is a figure of around $8,000.

"Its still very much a niche product for us," said John Taylor, VP Public Affairs and Communications of LG Electronics USA, "the price really makes it so. Our focus is on LED for this year but we'll see what happens in the future. Even the original HD TVs were more expense than this when they first arrived."

Writing by Dan Sung.