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(Pocket-lint) - Eric Schmidt made it clear that 2012 would be the year to watch out for Google TV and now we have some more details from both LG and Google on what is to come.

LG has confirmed that it will be introducing and demonstrating Google TV at its press conference on 9 January, with an eye to launching for the US market in 2012 and the UK in 2013.

The details are thin on the ground at the moment, however LG says that the TV will feature its Cinema 3D technology and also offer its NetCast-based Smart TV platform, so we can expect this to be a fully-featured high-end TV. 

There will also be an Android-based, LG-designed, Magic Remote Qwerty, adding a keyboard to LG's Magic Remote which offers Wii-like control of your TV. The Magic Remote also recently received voice control, so it looks like a mighty tool in TV control. 

Elsewhere, Google has announced the line-up of Google TV partners to watch out for at CES and through 2012. Joining LG are Samsung and Sony. Sony has been involved with Google TV since 2010, but the interesting point for Sony is that it looks like it will be expanding outside the US in 2012. Will it be first to launch in the Google TV in the UK? Perhaps. 

Also on the list are Marvell, MediaTek and Vizio. Google boasts that it has more than 150 apps designed specifically for Google TV, along with the thousands of Android apps that you could also add into the mix. 

Pocket-lint will be out at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, so we will be bringing you all the news on Google TV, and whether it will be crossing the Atlantic as the picture becomes clear.

And yes, that's a mock-up image above.

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Writing by Chris Hall.