This is a last minute bargain for anyone wanting to invest in a flatscreen TV for a bit of HD Christmas movie action. And it's Ebuyer Express, via Ebay, that is offering up the LG 25-inch widescreen LED TV for £169.99 - no it is not the biggest goggle box on the block, but it's a decent price for something that should deliver a very decent picture.

Specs include response time 5ms, mega contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 and a built-in TV tuner. It is optimised for various digital broadcasting formats such as MPEG4, DVBC, DVBT, FHD and more. And it also plays media files without a PC through its USB port.

The deal doesn't appear to have a time limit on it, and the site states that if you're really keen you can order before 8pm 21 December and you'll get delivery on 22nd.