The rumour mill has been buzzing as of late with whispers of an Apple TV Siri controlled setup with voice and motion gestures ahoy. But it seems that Apple has been pipped to the post with LG adding voice controls to its Magic Motion Remote Control.

Back in Berlin at IFA 2010, LG unleashed its Smart TV concept, complete with the Magic Motion Remote Control which brought Wii like features to the TV environment.

The latest instalment of the clever remote for the Korean company's Cinema 3D Smart TVs allows you to enter text for searches simply by talking and with no QWERTY tapping. Okay, so it's not full-blown TV control - but it is a start.

The updated remote also adds the "Wheel"; which should make menu scrolling easier, "Magic Gesture"; for pre-set motion controls and "Pointing"; making it easier to select items on screen. There's also a nifty 2D to 3D quick button on hand too.

"LG has been striving to constantly improve the comfort and convenience with which our customers use the Cinema 3D Smart TVs," said Havis Kwon, president and CEO of the LG Home Entertainment Company. "The new Magic Remote is our latest example, incorporating new functions that will make it easier for users to approach and use the Cinema 3D Smart TVs, particularly our Smart TV function which now has over 1,000 apps and a growing abundance of premium content."

No word as of yet as to when we'll be getting to (ergonomically pleasing) grips with the new remote as of yet - we'll keep you posted.