LG has announced a new Plasma television range at IFA in Berlin, that, strangely, lets you draw on them.

Going against everyones natural instinct not to touch your TV (we are sure you were told off as a kid for getting to close to the goggle box in the corner of the living room), LG now wants you to take a different approach. 

Acting as what’s probably the biggest tablet going, the new PZ850T Pentouch TV will let viewers control content directly on the screen using a specially designed pen.

"We’re all used to touch screens being available on our phones and even tablets now, but LG is one of the first to be offering this technology on large TV screens," says Stephen Gater, consumer electronics marketing director LG UK, on why the company has made such a move. "The Pentouch TV combines the ease of use and interactivity of a touch display, computer programs and functionality, with access to the internet all in one TV. We believe that the Pentouch technology offers families a whole new interactive home entertainment experience and provides a powerful educational tool too."

In Pentouch mode, users can access files created on their PCs and work on them, edit them, or move them around the screen. The TV supports simultaneous two-pen use, and batteries can be recharged through USB ports on the back of the TV unit. By connecting the TV to a PC, users can also print their Pentouch creations.

PZ850T is available in 50-inch and 60-inch screen sizes and come with all the usual bells and whistles that you would expect from LG, including 3 HDMI sockets, USB, etc.You’ll get two pens in the box.

No word on prices as yet or on how you will go about getting rid of all those smudges. 

In related crazy news from LG, the company also announced a PC mouse that has a built-in scanner so you can scan documents from your desk.