Bezels will soon be hitting the endangered species list after LG teased a couple of its IFA launch displays, indicating that it is going down the Samsung route of bezel-squashing.

The E91 and D237IPS models, which will make their official bow at the Berlin show, have bezels measuring just 4.35mm and are super skinny too at 7.2mm.

The E91 is a 23-inch model, with a 1080p resolution, 16.7 million colours, a 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a response time of 5ms. The brightness is 250 nits and the viewing angle is 170/60.

The D237IPS halves the contrast ratio, but offers 3D viewing (with a 130/12 viewing angle and 100-nit brightness) and boasts the Flicker Free certificate.

“These monitors aren’t just for work and internet browsing, they were designed to be the centre of entertainment for any bedroom, study or dormitory,” said Havis Kwon, president and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company.

“The E91 and D237IPS combine elegant design and unique technology to look great in any room and still be able to deliver exceptional images and videos.”

We'll take a look over at IFA and let you know if that's true....