A pub without 3D is like a pub without pork scratchings. For Pocket-lint to frequent an establishment and part with two of our hard earned English pounds for a half pint of lager and blackcurrant (with a straw) it has to have the footie on in three different dimensions.

Thankfully, thanks to LG, chances of finding a boozer with Sky 3D is quite high - it has installed flat screen 3D TVs into over 2,000 of them.

But it used to be that we went to the pub and watched the football on a screen far larger than the one we had at home. But that's increasingly not the case any more.

Luckily, LG is on the ball once more - and is installing LG CF3D Full HD 3D ready Cinema 3D projectors into selected pubs as part of its Cinema 3D Pub Package project.

And it kicks off just in time for the Manchester United v Barcelona Champions League final on 28 May.

Warren Lewis, LG’s B2B Commercial Director, said: "We are exceptionally excited about the rolling out of the Cinema 3D Pub Package and the addition of our 3D projectors to the pub experience. The wider viewing angles and the lightweight, comfortable glasses help create a more enjoyable, relaxed 3D viewing experience for all involved.

"We’ve already seen pub-goers’ positive reaction to the 3D package, with Punch Taverns witnessing great results in a number of their estates, and we’re confident that the customers will continue to enjoy the more inclusive experience Cinema 3D offers."

What do you chaps reckon, is football better in 3D? And does blackcurrant in our beer make us less of a man, as our pals often suggest? Answers below please.