According to LG, 37 per cent of UK residents claim that they will be encouraged to buy a 3D TV in order to watch the London 2012 Olympics. However, only 25 per cent would buy one to watch the Euro 2012 football tournament, possibly because of England's poor performance during the last World Cup and that the other home nations (Ireland excepted) are currently in poor qualifying positions.

2,000 people were surveyed by the Korean manufacturer, and over half of them also replied that the next TV they buy would be 3D-capable. However, a quarter of those polled - one in four - claimed that they still hadn't seen a 3D movie in a cinema yet.

The irony of the poll's findings is that it's possible that neither the London 2012 Olympics or Euro 2012 are going to be broadcast in 3D on TV in the UK - at least, in any meaningful fashion. Some events will be shot using 3D technology, but they are more likely to be shown in cinemas and sporting venues.

The BBC, who has terrestrial broadcast rights to the Olympics, currently has no plans to launch a new 3D channel, although it may show some events on red button services. It hasn't, however, decided how much or even if at all.

In addition, Euro 2012 coverage is traditionally split between the BBC and ITV, who also has no firm plans to show matches in 3D.

At present, the only dedicated 3D channel in the UK is exclusively on satellite broadcaster BSkyB's Sky+HD platform. And while it has been broadcasting some of the Euro qualifiers in 3D, Sky doesn't have the rights to either the Olympics or the finals of the European Football Championships.

That's not to say that people won't upgrade regardless, as Stephen Gater, LG's CE marketing director states: “With almost two thirds of people saying that they’re looking to upgrade their TVs ahead of next year’s sporting events it’s a really exciting time for LG. We strongly believe in the real benefits that our unique Cinema 3D TV range brings to consumer’s homes.”

LG will be visiting shopping centres up and down the UK from 22 April – 26 June, exhibiting its new 3D TVs in a home environment on its Life's Good Lounge Tour. You can check them out at the following locations:

- Meadowhall, Sheffield: 22 – 25 April

- The Centre MK, Milton Keynes: 29 April – 2 May

- Westfield, London: 6 – 8 May         

- Ilac, Dublin: 13 – 15 May

- Bullring, Birmingham: 18 – 22 May

- Silverburn, Glasgow: 27 – 30 May

- Cabot Circus, Bristol: 3 – 5 June

- Victoria Centre, Nottingham: 10 – 12 June

- The Trafford Centre, Manchester: 17 – 19 June

- Bluewater, Kent: 24 – 26 June