It's LG's turn for a bumper CES 2011 launch event and, amongst other things, the South Korean electronics giant has used the occasion to unleash its LCD, LED and Plasma TV lineup for 2011.

Kicking off with the LED and LCD models, the emphasis is clearly on 3D (it would be so 2009 if it wasn't), and the manufacturer is now offering "versatile new 3D viewing options" on some of the sets (including the the LW6500 and LW5600), which roughly translates to polarized 3D tech, so lighter glasses when watching in your living room - just like the flicks.

The range includes LG's largest consumer TV, Full HD 1080p 3D-enabled HDTV - the 72-inch Infinia LZ9700.

Also being announced is the LW9500 and LW7700 sets, which are LG's first Nano Full LED 3D-ready models available in the States and the flagship Infinia set is part of the 21-model LED HDTV line, which includes nine new series of LED HDTVs and four new series of LCD HDTVs.

Out of the 13 LED and LCD TVs, nine are web-enabled and all come with a bundle of energy saving features.

The Nano LED TVs and the Full LED Slim sets are all expected to be rewarded with certificates from THX for their 2D and 3D displays and the LW9500 and LW7700 have already received CES 2011 Innovations Awards, including the "Best of Innovations" distinction in the Video Displays category for the LW9500.

If plasma's more your bag then LG probably has you covered in that area, with seven new sets, headlined by the flagship Full HD 1080p Infinia PZ950.

"LG is dedicated to re-inventing the boundaries of Plasma HDTVs, and the 2011 line represents another step forward in the industry," said Jay Vandenbree, senior vice president, LG Electronics USA. "Including features that provide additional content, like LG SmartTV and 3D capability, add to the great picture quality and stylish designs that consumers have come to expect from an LG plasma HDTV."

Four of the plasma TVs announced have 3D on board, with active shutter glasses options and they also boast 2D to 3D conversion, which is user-adjustable so you can watch almost anything with a 3D effect. Eastenders fans beware though - Pat is even scarier in 3D.

All of the new plasma TVs have LG's 600Hz Sub-field Driving and the flagship PZ950 also includes the TruBlack filter for enhanced black levels even in brightly lit conditions.

There are no price or dates for the release of these new LG TVs, we'll bring you the news as soon as we get it.

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