Korean manufacturer LG has revealed some of the home cinema kit it will be showing at the forthcoming CES 2011 consumer electronics exhibition in Las Vegas in January, and, as Pocket-lint guessed, it will be heavily pushing 3D technology.

Two complete home cinema systems have been announced, both featuring 3D Blu-ray decks at the hub of a surround sound package.

The HX996TS is the larger of the two, featuring a whopping 7.2 speaker system which includes the company's Vertical 3D Effect Channel tech. It blasts sound through the top of the tallboy speakers, filling the air above a listener's head and thereby creating a virtual three-dimensional audio experience. It is capable of 1,280W total output power.

The smaller of the two systems is the 5.1 HB906SB, which comes with four bookshelf satellites, a centre speaker and a sub. It's capable of 1,100W total output power.

Other than those highlighted, both systems have similar feature line-ups, including USB recording, where they can convert CD tracks to MP3 files and dump them onto a USB device, two HDMI inputs apiece, and iPod/iPhone docks for easy hook-up. Additionally, they come with Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports, are DLNA compliant, so they can play remotely stored media files, and can connect to LG's Smart TV premium content and App store (more on which will no doubt be revealed at CES).

Also announced is a stand-alone 3D Blu-ray deck, the BD690. It too jacks in to LG's Smart TV content service, plays 3D Blu-ray discs (naturally), and features LAN and Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.

However, it also comes with an internal 250GB hard drive, which can store user made content transferred from disc, audio CD tracks, pictures and photos, and video files. It can also be utilised as a DLNA server, streaming media content to other devices connected to your home network, as well as play files stored remotely.

There are no price details or release dates as yet, but Pocket-lint will bring you more from the show floor when we get some hands-on time with the systems at CES in January.

Is it now time to join the 3D revolution? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below...