LG is showing off its new Smart TV concept over in Berlin at IFA with the promise of making internet-enabled TV viewing "Easy, Fun, More and Better". And to think, it probably paid some lucky marketing-guru a big pile of cash to come up with that slogan.

The LG Smart TV will feature a dashboard UI where all the apps will be displayed on one screen. To choose an app the viewer can use the Wii-style Magic Motion Remote Control to point and click on what they want.

LG has detailed a Yoga app, a first-aid app and a colouring-book app so far - we know, it's hardly pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.

There are more exciting apps like Facebook, Picasa, YouTube and the like on board as well though.

What is more exciting is LG mentioning that the Smart TV will feature Media Link - which, according to the press blurb means:

"Instant access to online videos and images, users can easily upload things they’ve created themselves. And with a smartphone, leaving the house doesn’t mean missing one’s favourite programme because content can be delivered wirelessly. Whether connecting to an iPad, PCs, personal media players or home theatre systems, LG is expanding the reach of entertainment to every part of people’s lives".

The LG Smart TV will launch in early 2011.

Keep your eyes firmly on Pocket-lint over the coming days for a hands on look at the LG Smart TV system - and all the other IFA news, direct from Berlin.