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(Pocket-lint) - It seems that details of one of the superstars of the forthcoming IFA consumer electronics convention in Berlin has made its way onto the 'net, a full 3 days before the show begins. LG is to be the first manufacturer to successfully introduce a big screen (31-inch) OLED TV onto the market, with the tantalising, and surprising, news that it's also 3D ready.

The screen is also just 2.9mm thick, making it the thinnest OLED television in existence, and it's a 600Hz panel, ensuring that action and motion is smooth, 3D or no. There's no pricing details yet, but with the 15in retailing at £1500, you can probably double that.

Of course, giving ourselves a pat on the back, Pocket-lint hinted at this news some time ago. In an exclusive chat with, George Mead, LG's UK marketing manager, we were told, back in April, that larger screen OLED TVs were very much a part of the company's roadmap:

"What we hope to see, though, is LG moving into larger OLED TVs in the near future, and, hopefully, in time, we'll see the price points come down as they reach a wider audience", he said.

"It's not going to stop at 15ins. We will look at how we can develop larger screen sizes. There's nothing confirmed yet, but I think in the near future we will see larger TVs available".

It is the near future. And here it is.

Writing by Rik Henderson.