Rather than debut a super-thin LED backlit effort, or a giant plasma, LG has launched an amazingly retro television set in its home market of Korea with the introduction of the Serie 1 CRT television.

The 14-inch TV set comes complete with a bunny-ears aerial and detachable chrome legs. Controls are via dials on the front of the set for changing channels and adjusting the volume - although there is a remote control bundled in for when the retro novelty of getting up off the sofa to change the channel gets old.

Despite the vintage looks, the TV incorporates a digital tuner and composite video inputs but if you want to really step back in time, it can be set to display in black and white or even sepia.

Sadly for those who'd love to see this gracing their den, LG will only offer the Serie 1 in Korea where it's on sale in suitably retro tones of orange and brown for around £135.