LG and Panasonic launched the VoIP service, Skype, for the their TV's at CES in Las Vegas, but what is the interface going to look like and how easy will it be to make a video call? Pocket-lint went hands on with both offerings at the world's largest consumer electronics show.

Of the two, Panasonic's offering appears to be the more consumer friendly, taking Skype's sky blue colour scheme and integrating it into the user interface. When you get a call, the Skype logo appears on screen, while there is a duration log and other features to access from the remote.

LG's offering looks in comparison more "business" focused with its black background and square buttons.

Webcams for both are long and thin, bolted on to the television rather than embedded into the frame - a strange move we think.

Video call quality looked okay, but nothing like that of the more expensive video conferencing offerings from LifeSize or Cisco. It certainly wasn't HD as hoped. 

What is clear though from seeing both systems in action, is that this could revolutionise Skype video calling in the home with Christmas day calls to family around the world sat around the TV rather than the laptop.

The fact that this would allow Skype to be on and ready to receive calls whenever you are watching television will either appeal, or be the worse thing possible - after all now your mother will know you are free for a chat.