Latest LG tv news

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LG slashes 10% off 2021 OLED TV prices to commiserate England Euro 2020 defeat
Alexa coming to third-party webOS smart TVs
LG will roll out its QNED Mini LED TVs in July
LG update allows latest OLED TVs to support gaming at 4K 120Hz with Dolby Vision
LG's webOS smart platform to feature on other brands' TVs
LG's A1 OLED TVs should be great for those on a budget
LG TVs to get Google Stadia cloud gaming built-in
LG announces new, more efficient G1 OLED TV series, updates to C1 series
LG Display creates 42-inch OLED panel for first time, to be used in 2021 TVs
LG unveils new webOS 6.0 interface and Magic Remote for 2021 smart TVs
LG continues with adjustable, bendable OLED displays, this time for gaming
LG's CES 2021 lineup to include first QNED Mini LED TV range, with 8K and 4K models
LG's rollable OLED TV finally, er, rolls out
LG's entry-level 2020 OLED BX TV now available
LG backtracks and says Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit are coming to 2018 TVs after all
LG made a transparent OLED display for subway windows in China
LG's first 48-inch OLED TV to be available from June, 48CX also ideal for gaming
LG's 48-inch OLED CX model will cost £1499 when it launches in May
LG is finally bringing the Apple TV app to its TVs
LG unveils its 4K and 8K OLED TV range for 2020, including new 48-inch screen size
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LG 4K UHD Cinebeam home projectors coming to IFA 2019
LG, Panasonic and Vizio commit to Filmmaker Mode in the war against motion smoothing
Newer 2019 LG TVs will start supporting AirPlay 2 imminently
Alexa for LG 2019 TVs starts to roll out, US first then Europe
OLED TVs about to get smaller and hopefully more affordable