Plans have been unveiled for ITV to go HD. The ITV1 channel will see some porgramming broadcast in high-definition early next year as part of "ambitious turnaround plans" for the company.

Announced in conjunction with its Freesat digital satellite service that will be a joint venture with the BBC, ITV will invest £10 million in the two projects.

The new HD service will encompass sports and drama programmes and will run at peak times starting as a 2-hour HD slot, growing into 3 hours of prime time HD TV.

ITV has dabbled in HD broadcast trials, but stated that they are launching into this area in order to capitalise in the growth of high-definition television.

HD TV sets are forecast to reach 30 million by 2012 - which is when ITV stated they would like to see HD available over Freeview in time for the analogue switch off.

A recent survey by Ofcom suggested that those with HD television's TV consumption increased and that 77% of people reported watching non-HD channels less since adopting the service so it looks like it could be smart move to drive up audience numbers.