The BBC, Channel 4 and ITV are in talks about a groundbreaking joint venture to develop a video downloads service that will "do for broadband what Freeview did for digital TV" reports The Guardian.

Dubbed "Project Kangaroo", the new broadband service would combine BBC, ITV and Channel 4 on demand programmes in a "one-stop shop".

At first it is thought that the service will be online only, with downloads via broadband, but apparently this would be developed so that consumers could get the content directly on their televisons.

The scheme will supposedly give viewers seven days to watch the programs as catch-up TV, but after the 7-day period is over, there would be a charge to watch so it will be a revenue-generating excercise for the broadcasters.

Project Kangeroo is very similar to the Beeb's iPlayer, which has been touted for some time now, but is expected to launch this year, so will perhaps be an extension of that service.