ITV has begun broadcasting its television shows to mobile phones today, however without adverts.

Available on mobile network 3, it is the UK’s first live streamed terrestrial mobile channel, and will cover more than 89% of the UK’s population.

However, due to a legal hitch, the service is currently running without lucrative adverts, being filled with trailers for upcoming shows instead.

According to reports online, the company says that it decided to launch without ads because it was not sure that it had the right to beam ads on a new medium without the consent of advertisers.

It may also need individual consent from all those appearing in the ads or contributing copyright protected material, such as music or graphics.

The service is available for customers of mobile network 3 at a price of 99p a day for ITV1 and 49p for ITV Play, with a £5 charge a month for unlimited viewing of an 18 channel television pack.