(Pocket-lint) - Poborsky. Suker. Klinsmann. Three Lions. Wembley at fever pitch. That goal from Gascoigne.

Euro 96 was one of the all-time great football tournaments (part of an epic summer in the UK) and it's back on our screens, with all 31 games on the ITV Hub and selected games available on ITV4. You can catch up here and also watch the story of England's campaign

If you're Scottish and torment yourself with the England game or you're English and you torment yourself with the Germany game then you're better people than us. If you're in the latter category then you'll know that 1996 was the last time England reached the semi-finals of the European Championships.

The selected games on ITV4 includes the five games that featured the England team in some of their most memorable games of the last 50 years (including the Netherlands game featuring Shearer and Sheringham at their peak) plus the final between Germany and the Czech Republic.

Full Euro 96 Relived schedule

As mentioned above, everything is on the ITV Hub including games that have already been shown. 

Monday 11th May

England v Switzerland

Tuesday 12th May

Spain v Bulgaria 

Germany v Czech Republic 

Denmark v Portugal 

Wednesday 13th May

Scotland v Netherlands - 3pm - ITV Hub

France v Romania - 7pm - ITV Hub

Thursday 14th May

Italy v Russia - 3pm - ITV Hub

Croatia v Turkey - 7pm - ITV Hub

Friday 15th May

Switzerland v Netherlands - 3pm - ITV Hub

Bulgaria v Romania - 7pm - ITV Hub

Saturday 16th May

Czech Republic v Italy - 3pm - ITV Hub

Portugal v Turkey - 7pm - ITV Hub

Sunday 17th May

France v Spain - 3pm - ITV Hub

Scotland v England - 6:45pm - ITV4 & ITV Hub

Monday 18th May

Russia v Germany - 3pm - ITV Hub

Croatia v Denmark - 7pm - ITV Hub

Tuesday 19th May

France v Bulgaria - 7pm - ITV Hub

Romania v Spain - 7pm - ITV Hub

Wednesday 20th May

Scotland v Switzerland - 7pm - ITV Hub

Netherlands v England - 6:30pm - ITV4 & ITV Hub

Thursday 21st May

Croatia v Portugal - 7pm - ITV Hub

Turkey v Denmark - 7pm - ITV Hub

Friday 22nd May

Russia v Czech Republic - 7pm - ITV Hub

Italy v Germany - 7pm - ITV Hub

Saturday 23rd May

Quarter-Final 1 - 6:40pm - ITV4 & ITV Hub

Sunday 24th May

Quarter-Final 2 - 3pm - ITV Hub

Monday 25th May

Quarter-Final 3 - 3pm - ITV Hub

Tuesday 26th May

Quarter-Final 4 - 7pm - ITV Hub

Wednesday 27th May

Semi-Final 1 - 7pm - ITV Hub

Thursday 28th May

Semi-Final 2 - 6:50pm - ITV4 & ITV Hub

Friday 29th May

Final - 6:40pm - ITV4 & ITV Hub

Writing by Dan Grabham.