ITV has announced a new version of its ITV Player app for iOS which allows you to view catch up content ad-free for £3.99 a month. The new application comes as part of the increased ITV strategy to test different methods of delivering online content.

The ad-free version will come as part of a premium upgrade for the ITV Player app. It offers catch-up content from ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV as well as live simulcast from ITV 3 and ITV 4. All can be viewed over 3G and Wi-Fi. Alternatively you can opt to not pay the £3.99 fee in order to get ITV and ITV 2 available to view live. 

James Micklethwait, online product director at ITV, said: “As part of ITV’s ongoing Transformation Plan, a key priority for the online team is to drive new revenue streams by exploiting our content across multiple platforms, and the launch of the ad-free ITV Player app is a further step on that journey.”

So far ITV Player has managed over 7 million downloads on iOS. For those interested, the update with premium paid-for option should be getting pushed out to iOS devices as we speak. There's no word yet on ITV's Android plans.