ITV has laid out plans for it's ITV Pay Player that will see customers pay for access to more than1,000 hours of archive TV and film content.

The announcement follows a trial that saw 5,000 homes try the service, and comes a full two years after the TV company first spoke about introducing a micropayment system.

The ITV Pay Player is expected to be rolled out from this autumn and will initially run only on PCs. Pricing remains unspecified, but Chief Executive Adam Crozier revealed there would be no subscription service, at least to start with, and any content that was rented would be free of any advertising breaks. 

Customers will be able to rent single episodes as well as complete box sets and films as the ITV Pay Player goes up against the likes of NetFlix and LoveFilm.

The regular ITV player will continue to be free, providing a seven-day catch-up service to users.

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