Football fans will be able to enjoy (or commiserate as the case made be) this summer's European Championship via a split-screen facility on ITV Digital’s dedicated Euro 2012 website.

Optimised for both smartphones and tablets, the site will broadcast any games being shown on the ITV channel at the top of the webpage while below will be a rolling real-time news feature.

Here viewers will be able to get updates to other games including goal highlights, match reports and social media activity such as Twitter updates.

Stat fans will have access to group details, goal scoring charts and match data on the right-hand side of the page providing multiple ways of covering the tournament from one webpage all the way up to where England lose on penalties and beyond. 

ITV Digital’s Euro 2012 website follows the launch of the ITV News site earlier this year and again sees ITV partner with Made by Many, a digital innovation and service design company.

The website is live now and can be reached by visiting

Will you be accessing ITV Digital's Euro 2012 website? Let us know what you think.