ITV and Shazam have signed an agreement that allows the UK broadcaster exclusively to add Shazam functionality to adverts shown on its channels. Viewers will be able to use the audio-recognising applications on their smartphones to enter competitions, get additional information about a brand or product, view special content or download free music.

Of course, whether an advert is Shazam-enabled or not is down to each individual advertiser, but should they wish to sign up, the only place to show that ad will be on an ITV channel.

Shazam for TV has already been successfully deployed in the US, where it has been used to enhance shows and live televised events such as American Idol, the Super Bowl and the Grammy Awards. Now it will be offered to ITV Commercial clients.

"Shazam’s audio-recognition technology is at the forefront of the second screen movement which is transforming the way consumers interact with content including advertising," said Simon Daglish, group commercial sales director at ITV.

"It will empower leading brands to connect with our millions of fans who will now be able to experience an extended engagement in one of the most convenient and innovative ways possible," added Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam.

The Shazam application is available for all major smartphones. It can be downloaded for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia devices.

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